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Tecnología ERGOTURN patentada

“I’m not embarrassed anymore! Ever since I started using Gnetics, my penis has grown 3 cm. And in only 2 months!”


Frequently asked questions about the guarantee

In this section you will find the answer to the most frequently asked questions sent by our customers regarding the correct use of Gnetics, shipping (payment, confidentiality…) guarantees, etc. If you have any question you cannot find an answer to in this section or anywhere else on this website, please contact us on our live chat and we will be glad to assist you.

2. About the guarantees

1) Are there any scientific studies proving the effectiveness and safety of this product?

Yes, there are plenty of studies from different clinics that back the effectiveness and safety of our product.

2) Is it registered and approved?

Yes. Gnetics has the CE marking and is registered in the EU and it is classified by health authorities as a type I health device.

3) Is it medically backed?

Our extender is widely recommended by specialists in urology and sexology in their practices because they know for certain that the quality of our product is beyond all doubt due to its advanced, patented technology.

4) Who are you? What is your experience in this field?

We are an international distribution company with wide experience in non-surgical penis enlargement treatments.

5) What is your effectiveness percentage?

Our effectiveness percentage is 97.5 %.

6) How many men have followed your treatment?

There are thousand of men around the world who have successfully followed our treatment.

7) What guarantees do you offer?

The truth is that we are so confident about the quality of our extender and the high degree of satisfaction it gives our customer that we offer a 3 months money-back guarantee if, for some reason, the achieved results aren’t as expected. In other words, at this time, if you’re still not convinced we promise to give you your money back.

Calculate the new size of your penis

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Gain of 1.38" over 6 months.

Control the time of your treatment

Gnetics is the only extender on the market that includes a digital timer to control the time of your treatment.

  • Totally discreet shipping

    All orders are shipped in boxes that show no sign that allows identifying the content. Order Gnetics and get it with total discretion!

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  • Money back guarantee

    You’ve got nothing to lose!

  • A product recommended by doctors

    Prestigious medical experts and urologists recommend Gnetics as the most effective method to increase the size of your penis with no risks.

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  • True testimonials

    John Stevens, 32
    “After 4 months my penis is bigger and my sexual relations have improved a lot. Thank you so much.”

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