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Frequently asked questions about the extender

In this section you will find the answer to the most frequently asked questions sent by our customers regarding the correct use of Gnetics, shipping (payment, confidentiality…) guarantees, etc. If you have any question you cannot find an answer to in this section or anywhere else on this website, please contact us on our live chat and we will be glad to assist you.

1. About Gnetics and the method of traction

1) What is the Gnetics method based on?

The proven effectiveness of our extender is based on the principle of traction. It has been widely proven through many studies that the elastic tissues of the penile stalk (both the suspensory ligament and the corpus cavernosum) prolong when constantly and progressively subjected to a certain amount of traction.

2) Has it been previously used in medicine? What about today?

The principle of traction has been widely used in medicine by many cultures and civilizations throughout history. Diverse investigations based on thousand-year-old customs and traditions of Asian and African tribes have revealed the possibility of enlarging different body parts (ears, lips, neck, legs…) with this method, as in the case of the legendary women of Burma or Amazon and African tribes that use weights to enlarge lips and ears.

Today, modern medicine takes advantage of the principle of traction by applying it to different treatments such as arms and legs enlargements, in orthopedic surgery (cranio-maxillofacial surgery), in orthodontics (to prevent and correct teeth misplacement) or to regenerate burnt skin.

3) Can the penis tissues be enlarged? Are there muscles or bones in the penis?

The penis is formed neither by muscles nor by bones but a set of elastic tissues that easily allows it being subject to traction.

4) What are the benefits I can obtain using Gnetics?

  • Enlarging your penis in erection between 1 and 3 inches
  • Enlarging your penis in flaccidity between 1 and 3 inches
  • Thickening the perimeter of your penis in erection between 0.4 and 0.6 inches
  • Thickening the perimeter of your penis in flaccidity between 0.4 and 0.6 inches
  • The enlargement and circumference perimeter achieved are permanent
  • Decrease of the curvature of your penis up to a 70%

5) What is the maximum number of inches I can increase the size of my penis?

Between 1 and 3, although it all depends on each person.

6) And what’s the minimum?

The minimum is 1 inch. The average growth is 1.5 inches, which is the result obtained by 95% of our customers.

7) Does the size of the penis increase both in erection and in flaccidity?

Yes. The enlargement of the tissues is totally proportional and shows in both states.

8) Can the curvature of the penis be corrected using Gnetics?

Yes. Besides stimulating the growth of the tissues of the penis, using Gnetics for a period of 6-8 months reduces the curvature of the penis up to a 70%.

9) Is the increase permanent?

Yes, it is absolutely permanent since the extended tissues do not get reduced.

10) Does the increase also affect the glans?

No, only the penile stalk.

11) When the penis is enlarged … doesn’t it become thinner?

No, it doesn’t. It is quite the opposite actually. The proportional growth of the penile stalk is a consequence of the formation of new tissues which occupy space and this translates into an increase in thickness.

12) How do you use Gnetics?

Gnetics is very easy to use as you can see in the instructions of use. You can wear Gnetics at any moment of the day and at different time intervals. The tension applied through the device and the amount of hours you wear it will determine the results of the treatment.

13) Does the use of Gnetics have any side effects?

No, it has no side effect provided that you strictly follow the medical indications and instructions of use.

14) Can it cause sexual impotence? What about negatively affect erection?

No. It actually increases sexual power because of the effect it has on a man the fact of having a bigger, stronger penis, which remarkably strengthens self-esteem. As for erections, the use of Gnetics does not affect this function of the penis, which will remain as hard and turgid as usual.

15) Can I follow the treatment on my own?

Yes, all you have to do is follow the instructions of use and evolution of the device.

16) Is Gnetics good only for small penises or can it be adapted to all sizes?

Gnetics can be used both to enlarge small penises as well as average and large penises.

17) Is there a minimum required size to start the treatment?

Yes. The penis in erection must be at least 3 inches. From that size on, you can start the treatment with no problems.

18) Do I have to be of legal age to start this treatment?

No necessarily. If you are 14-16 you can start the treatment with your parents’ consent and medical supervision, although we recommend starting the treatment from age 18.

19) What is the right age to start the treatment?

It can also be started at advanced ages (60 or 70) because several studies have proven that the method of traction can make the tissues grow at any age.

20) What do women think about this?

Numerous studies show that women prefer men with a large, thick, powerful penis to the detriment of those with a small, thin and powerless penis. With a bigger penis women will enjoy sexual relations so much more and they will be even more stimulated just by looking at it. This is a very important factor that women give priority to when choosing a partner and to have sexual relations.

21) What is the difference between Gnetics and vacuum pumps?

Gnetics is an extender that stimulates the growth of the tissues of the penis while the vacuum pump sucks the tissues causing immediate, abrupt vasodilatation. The effects obtained from vacuum pumps are ephemeral (they last about 12 hours) and they often cause bruises, capillary break and fibrosis. In the long term this can hamper the ability of the penis to get an erection.

22) After I finish my treatment, can someone else use my Gnetics?

We wouldn’t recommend it, for hygiene reasons mostly.

23) Why should I choose Gnetics and not some other product?

The main, most representative advantage of Gnetics compared to the rest of the extenders on the market is the advanced, patented Ergoturn technology which enables the device to rotate while keeping the applied pressure. This improves ergonomics and avoids the penis from deviating. Besides, the innovative technology of Gnetics includes:

  • Exclusive Ergoturn system
  • Multifunctional silicone clasp
  • Exercise program
  • Multifunctional timer/chronometer
  • Safer, more resistant simplified rods

24) Does the use of Gnetics cause any pain?

No. At first, you will obviously notice the presence of the device but after the first couple of weeks this feeling will disappear for good.

25) If I want to urinate, should I take it off? What if I want to defecate?

Yes, for hygiene reasons. Once you are done, you just put the device back on and that’s it.

26) Should I take it off to have sex?

Yes, and you must wait an hour to put it back on.

27) Can the use of Gnetics cut off the circulation of the penis?

No.  All you must do is to follow the instructions of use to wear it the right and in the most comfortable way.

28) How can I follow the Gnetics treatment without my family knowing anything about it?

You can wear it only while you are at work or when you are out of the house. If you are home, you can just wear lose clothes.

29) Can I wear it at night?

We recommend not wearing it at night the first couple of days because until you get used to the device, it may come off while you sleep. We move a lot at night to change positions. Besides, you may experience the typical night erections.

30) What happens if I have an erection while wearing the extender?

Absolutely nothing. The tension will increase, but that’s all.

31) Can I wear it while swimming?

Yes, but you should wear a wide, lose bathing suit.

32) Can I wear it on a flight or at an airport?

Preferably not.

33) Can I wear it with jeans and tight clothes?

You can wear the device with regular jeans, yes, but not very tight. It is rather uncomfortable if you’re wearing tight clothes.

34) Can it be washed or it will rust? How do I wash it clean?

Gnetics will not rust. It has a certification issued by the European Union that guarantees its correct manufacture and the high quality of its materials. It can be washed once a week, with water and soap.

35) If one of the pieces gets damaged, what do I do?

All you have to do is contact us by e-mail in the Order section.

36) Is it necessary to grease the device?

Not at first, although it would be recommendable to occasionally apply a few oil drops in the piston area to facilitate the sliding of the device.

37) Once I’m done with the treatment, do I have to return the device?

Not at all. Once you buy it, the Gnetics is yours.

38) Does the Gnetics work with batteries or electricity? Can it cause electrical shocks?

Gnetics works neither with batteries nor with electricity. It is a mechanical traction device.

39) Do I need to see a doctor to start this treatment?

No. But if you personally need medical control, you can see an urologist.

40) What happens if I keep wearing the device once I’ve already gained the maximum size indicated on the treatment?

You might get a few more millimeters but the process would be much slower.

41) Would it be possible for me not to experience any size gain? What about a size gain that’s slower than usual?

Taking into account that medicine is not an exact science, and based on our own experience yes, it is possible but the percentage is rather low: 2.5%.

42) How should I adjust the traction of the Gnetics?

We provide an evolution sheet that details how to adjust the extender.

43) What is the recommended period of use between breaks?

The most important thing is that you wear the device at least 6 hours a day. You can manage it at your best convenience but we recommend a break every 2 hours and use that time to go to the bathroom if necessary. The duration of the breaks is not strict. You can adapt the breaks to your needs.

44) What happens if I do not wear the device for one day during the treatment?

Nothing, but you should try recovering that time by wearing it longer hours the next day.

45) If I interrupt the treatment for 15 days or 1 month, in what stage should I resume it?

You should start with 2 phases less. The 1st and the 2nd will last 5 days.

46) What if I rested less time, like 3 or 4 days?

Then you will continue where you left it until you complete the period of the corresponding phase.

47) When I finish the treatment, do I have to keep using the device for the results to be permanent?

No, that’s not necessary.

48) Once I finish the treatment, can I thicken my penis with surgery?

Yes, you won’t have any problems.

49) Is it necessary to combine the extender with penis enlargement pills or creams?

It is absolutely unnecessary. The extender alone enlarges the penis.

50) Do I need to use some kind of cream during the treatment?

Usually it isn’t necessary.

51) What is the average size of a penis?

Around 5-6 inches, but it all depends on the characteristics of each individual.

52) What does the size of the penis depend on?

2 factors, mainly: genetics and tissue growth during puberty.

53) Can I start the treatment if I’m diabetic?

Yes, as long as your illness is controlled by doctors.

54) Can I start the treatment if I have a heart condition?

Yes, this won’t be an issue.

55) Can I start the treatment if I had surgery because of prostate cancer or a tumor in the urologic area?


56) Can I start the treatment if I suffer from a varicocele or prostatitis?

In this case, you should see an urologist..

57) Can I start the treatment if I have an STD?

Not until you’re completely cured.

58) Can I have alcohol or barbiturics if I’m wearing the device?

You can, yes, but if you fall or hit yourself as a consequence of having too much alcohol or barbiturics you can hurt yourself and also break the extender.

59) Is the tension applied on the penis by the extender painful or dangerous?

No, it is not, because the tension is adjusted according to one’s needs. It is the user himself who progressively adjusts the traction of the device as the penis grows. The extender is placed according to the dimensions of the penis, as explained on the instructions of use.

60) Can your device produce allergies?

No, it cannot. Gnetics is covered by an antiallergenic coating that prevents that possibility.

61) Is the right use of the device clearly explained in the instructions?

Yes, it is perfectly explained in the instructions of use and evolution.

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