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Tecnología ERGOTURN patentada

“After 4 months, my penis is bigger and sex has improved a lot. Thank you so much.”

John Stevens

About Gnetics Extender

The goal of the Gnetics treatment is to boost the growth and development of the tissues of the penis stem through traction, since if a part of the body is constantly tightened the cells start to multiply resulting in an increase of the tissue in question.


Our extender is registered as a Type I health device in the European Union, which means it does not have side effects.


Gnetics is very easy to use, comfortable, safe and it is recommended by physicians and urologists

The Gnetics Extender is based on the principle of traction, also successfully used in other areas of medicine such as bone distraction (enlargement of large bones, jaw, facial bones, etc.) or plastic surgery (burns, skin deficiency, etc.). These are the benefits you can obtain:

  • Enlargement of the erected penis: between 1 and 3 inches
  • Enlargement of the flaccid penis: between 1 and 3 inches
  • Thickening of the perimeter of the erected penis between 0.4 and 0.6 inches
  • Thickening of the perimeter of the flaccid penis between 0.4 and 0.6 inches
  • The enlargement and perimeter of circumference achieved are permanent
  • Decrease of the curvature of the penis up to a 70%
  • No side effects

How will Gnetics and the principle of traction act on my penis?

In order to understand the results you will obtain with Gnetics you must be familiar with the anatomy of the penis. The penis has 3 independent cylinders called corpus cavernosum (Corpora Cavernosa). These cylinders have chambers that expand and fill with blood to create an erection. Their ability to fill with blood during sexual arousal is what defines the length and thickness of the penis at this point. Aging decreases this function. However, the corpus cavernosum are the main receptors of blood and hold 90% of the blood at the time of having an erection.

Naturally, the penis has its limitations in terms of length and thickness since the size is related to the ability of the corpus cavernosum to storage blood during an erection, which means that the penis is not able to increase its size by itself. At the time of an erection, a hormone segregated by the brain fills the erectile tissue with blood and once the corpus cavernosum are filled, the penis stops growing.

However, the corpus cavernosum can adapt and offer a bigger capacity and a much more effective function using Gnetics since it is specifically designed to boost penis enlargement. The secret is in developing the corpus cavernosum in order to increase their blood storage capacity, something that is only possible using our extender. Besides, using Gnetics can be also good to increase the general dimensions of the penis, such as its blood flow.

Gnetics is a very effective, 100% safe extender and it is supported by renowned urologists and other specialists. Being clinically proven to provide great results, Gnetics is rated as a Type 1 Health Device in the EU. Besides, it is has the CE marking, which means that it complies with all the requirements of the minimum safety standards and it can be legally commercialized within the EU and the EFTA (European Free Trade Association).

What are the advantages of Gnetics compared to other products?

The main and most representative advantage of Gnetics compared to the rest of the extenders on the market today is the new, advanced Ergoturn technology which gives the device the ability to rotate maintaining the applied pressure. This increases the ergonomics of the device and prevents the penis from deviating at all times. Moreover, the innovative Gnetics technology includes:

  • The exclusive Ergoturn system
  • Multifunctional silicone clasp
  • Exercises program
  • Integrated multifunctional timer/chronometer
  • Safer and more resistant simplified rods
  • 100% natural virility pills for free
  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • New, patented technology

Calculate the new size of your penis

Current size in inches:
Weeks using Gnetics:
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Gain of 1.38" over 6 months.

Control the time of your treatment

Gnetics is the only extender in the market that includes a digital timer to control the time of your treatment.

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    John Stevens, 32
    “After 4 months my penis is bigger and my sexual relations have improved a lot. Thank you so much.”

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