With Gnetics you will not only improve your penis’ general conditions but you will also improve your self-esteem
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“Thanks to Gnetics, my penis is bigger and I’m more self-confident.”


Obtain great results within a few weeks

Gnetics stimulates the growth of the tissues of the penis, both in length and in thickness. The effectiveness of Gnetics has been scientifically proven through different and countless researches and it has no side effects.

With Gnetics you will:

  • Enlarge your penis between 1 and 3 inches, both erected and flaccid
  • Thicken the perimeter of your penis stalk between 0.4 and 0.6 inches, both flaccid and erected
  • Decrease the curvature of your penis up to a 70%
  • Get more satisfactory sexual relations
  • Increase your sexual confidence and your self-esteem
  • Get a stronger, better looking penis
  • Get more power in bed

GneticsThe effectiveness of Gnetics is based on the principle of traction. There have been numerous researches that proved that the tissues forming the penis stalk can be enlarged by applying repeated, gradual traction.

This is a very old medicine principle that was used by ancient civilizations. Many tribes from Asia and Africa have used this method throughout history and it has been proven to be able to prolong different body parts such as ears, neck, lips, etc. as in the case of the mythical “giraffe women” from Burma and Africa.

Today, apart from enlarging body parts such as arms and legs this principle is applied in modern medicine on a great variety of treatments and fields such as orthopedic surgery, regeneration of burnt skin and prevention and correction of teeth misplacement.

The correct way to wear the Gnetics is while the penis is flaccid and it should be worn 4-9 hours a day, which will make you gain 0.2 inches a month. The period of time you must follow the treatment is 4-6 months, depending on the size increase you wish to obtain. The growth will be permanent because of the body’s ability to adapt to the gradual traction applied. Gnetics also corrects all possible deviations of the penis up to a 70%.


“Amazing! Who would have thought I was going to enlarge my penis in such a comfortable, easy way without surgery or anything like that? At first, I was a little skeptical but I decided to give it a shot and I must say it was a wonderful decision. Now I’m super happy about the way my penis looks, it’s longer and thicker, more masculine. Besides, I have to say it’s been good both for my penis and my self-esteem."

Jean-Paul, France

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Gain of 1.38" over 6 months.

Control the time of your treatment

Gnetics is the only extender in the market that includes a digital timer to control the time of your treatment.

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    John Stevens, 32
    “After 4 months my penis is bigger and my sexual relations have improved a lot. Thank you so much.”

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