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Terms and conditions

Natural Logistics S.L., domiciled at calle Rumanía 3, 28224 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, Spain, European Union, hereby informs the User that Natural Logistics, S.L. holds a personal data file created with data obtained from, which the abovementioned company is responsible for, with the purpose of information and provision of the services at, and also with the purpose of carrying out promotions and advertising activities in any media including sending e-mails and messages through any system including SMS, UTMS, etc., that may be of interest to extend and improve the publicity of our products, adapting our offers to your preferences or needs based on the study and segmentation of the personal and commercial information contained in our data files as a consequence of your access to, as well as to allow a customized web surfing.

The User hereby agrees to the inclusion of his/her personal data obtained during their surfing on or provided through any form as well as those derived from the commercial relation into the automated data file referred to in the first paragraph.

The User shall be able to exercise the rights of access, rectification, data cancellation and opposition as well as the right of consent annulment for the cession of his/her data through the e-mail address provided in the Contact section.

Natural Logistics S.L. hereby informs that the user may need to fill in registration forms or similar in which he/she would be asked to provide personal data in order to access any part of the contents or services offered at It is possible for Natural Logistics S.L. to use “cookies” through which the user is recognized in order to improve the provided services.

By accepting these conditions the User expressly agrees to the cession or communication of the data included in the abovementioned data file to the companies of the Natural Logistics S.L. Group so the companies can use their personal data in order to send - through any system –offers and advertising related to the products and services offered. The User is hereby informed that such cession shall take place the moment the personal data is collected.

Natural Logistics S.L. hereby agrees to respect the confidentiality of the data and use it according to the purpose of the data file, as well as to comply with the obligation of keeping the data safe, taking all measures needed to avoid their alteration, loss, unauthorized treatment or access in accordance to the provisions of the Regulations on Safety Measures of the data files containing personal data.



This website is owned by NATURAL LOGISTICS, SL, place of business in Calle Rumania, 3 - Pozuelo de Alarcon - 28 224, Madrid, company tax code B-84147065. NATURAL LOGISTICS, S.L is a company registered at the Registry with the number XXX. Phone: 915 36 13 95 email:

The contents on this website are configured as standard norms on the portal that NATURAL LOGISTICS have at the Internet user´s disposa.


All information submitted via electronic forms and/or e-mail will be treated with strict confidentiality in accordance with law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data. We inform you that you have the right of file access, rectification and cancellation of your data, and may exercise such rights by sending a written request to the following address: Calle Rumania, 3 - Pozuelo de Alarcon - 28 224, Madrid.

The information requested is strictly necessary for a correct identification of the sender and allows us to carry out basic tasks within our internal management. NATURAL LOGISTICS stresses its commitment to a responsible use and confidentiality of data, ensuring that these data are being treated in compliance with legal requirements, and that they will only be used by NATURAL LOGISTICS for the purpose stated.

Consent of the sender

By sending the forms contained on this website or by sending an email, the sender agrees to automatic processing of the data included therein. In any case, this information will not be provided to third parties.


In compliance with existing legislation regarding the protection of personal data, you may contact NATURAL LOGISTICS, as the Responsible of the treatment in order to exercise your rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition of the data included in the files of your responsibility.

These are highly personal rights and shall be used by the interested party without other limitations than those envisaged by the applicable law. You can, nonetheless, act the legal representative of the user in question in case of disability or underage and when this makes it impossible for the individual to administrate the matter, provided there is a representation expressed and authorized by the owner of the data.

In case the holder passes away, the holder´s relatives have the possibility to use their right of cancelling the data or to use their right of access to the data.

Right of access

You may exercise the right of access through petition or application to NATURAL LOGISTICS, as the Responsible of the treatment, including your identification and the file or files you want to get access to. The exercise of this right may be exercised on an annual basis, unless proven legitimate interest.

The Responsible of Security will administrate the access to information request within a maximum period of thirty days, from the receipt of the application.

NATURAL LOGISTICS does only deny access if the application is filed by someone other than the affected or when the act is contrary to the norms established by law.

If the resolution would have been estimated, access shall be effectuated within ten days of its notification. The information will, regardless of its format, be handled over in a legible and intelligible way, with a clear transcription of the data files, when necessary.

The data of the affected and those resulting from any development or processing of information will be included in the information as well as the source of the data, the assignees of it and the specification of exact usage and purposes for which data was stored.

Right of rectification, cancellation and opposition

When access to the files reveals that the affected data is inaccurate, incomplete, or excessive, you may request a rectification or, where appropriate, cancel it.

The rectification, cancellation and/or opposition shall be reported by the owner of the file within ten days of receipt of the application. The application for rectification or cancellation is being done by any of the above means (email or mail).

In the event that the Responsible of the files considers it to be inappropriate to give out the access information to the applicant he will communicate the reasons and do so within the period prescribed in the above paragraph.

In case information remains after a cancellation of data, without the possibility of physical extinction, both for technical reasons and because of the used computer system, NATURAL LOGISTICS shall block the data, in order to prevent further use until it has been completely eliminated in all the information systems.

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