The Ergoturn technology incorporated by Gnetics is the latest technology in the industry
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Tecnología ERGOTURN patentada

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The new technology incorporated by the Gnetics Extender is patented and cannot be found in any other extender

Gnetics Extender brings a wide range of advantages that makes it superior to other extenders, mainly because it provides exclusive and patented advances both when it comes to technology and design, which exponentially increase its effectiveness while providing the user a comfort rarely found in this kind of devices.

It is in fact this advanced technology what made Gnetics Extender the top-selling product in the industry, with the highest customer satisfaction level.


The main innovations brought by the Gnetics Extender are:

1. Ergoturn Technology: It provides the user the possibility to choose the most comfortable position for the penis since it can be easily adjusted thanks to its wide turning radius.

2. Multifunctional integrated timer/chronometer: It allows the user to control with maximum accuracy the amount of hours he’s been wearing the extender, the remaining time and even to set the alarm to go off when the treatment has concluded.

3. Multifunctional silicone clasp: It allows the user to choose the most comfortable clasp between two different types of silicone. It is only one multifunctional piece with two clasps, and this simplifies the mechanism.

4. Innovative, ergonomic design: A new and ergonomic design that allows adapting the device to the characteristics and size of each user’s penis.

5. Safer, more resistant simplified rods: The rods have got internal springs in each lateral bar which allows maintaining a stretching load on the penis that can be adjusted by turning one of the bars.

Calculate the new size of your penis

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Weeks using Gnetics:
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Gain of 1.38" over 6 months.

Control the time of your treatment

Gnetics is the only extender on the market that includes a digital timer to control the time of your treatment.

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